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AT&T launches gigabit Internet service in San Jose, San Francisco

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Residents of San Francisco, San Jose and four other Bay Area cities can now take their broadband service into the Giga Age.

AT&T announced late Monday it has expanded the reach of its GigaPower service. As of Tuesday morning, people who in live in parts of Santa Clara, San Ramon, Mountain View and Dublin — as well as the Bay Area’s two biggest cities — will be able to sign up for the Internet service, which offers download speeds of up to 1 gigabit per second.

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As small business owners, we can learn from the client survey experience. We can ensure that we craft questions that will truly garner valuable information from our clients. First off, we want to know their level of satisfaction. The key is this — once we have that number we need to discover, what is behind it. Even if it is a 10, we should want to know what makes it a 10.

When the number is low and we find out why it’s low, we now have information to work with. We know where we need to make changes. We know where we are falling down. And when we ask for that depth of information, we are letting our clients know we care enough to ask.

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Often ignored until the last minute before launch (and thereafter), many small businesses seem to use their “About Us” page as the dumping spot for all the boring, dry information that “needs to be on the site but didn’t fit anywhere else”.

What the owners of those About Us pages don’t realize however, is that they’re missing out on a huge opportunity: the chance to begin earning the trust that leads to sales.

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youtube messenger

YouTube is adding messenger features to its mobile app so you can talk with friends as you watch videos. They call it “native sharing” because you share videos within the app and invite friends into conversation threads.

There’s some logic to it: people do share videos on other platforms and discuss them in other apps, so why not keep the conversation in one place? But it’s also a feature literally no one asked for or expected. It’s rolling out today to a small number of users.

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VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and does pretty much what it says. Most people use VPNs for accessing websites that would otherwise be blocked, for whatever reason. Whether you want to add a layer of security through anonymity or you want to watch Netflix or another video service from a country in which it’s not available, a VPN could help. You’ll find more in-depth information in our Best VPN roundup.

These days, you can download a free web browser with built-in VPN capabilities, but for those, such as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox which don’t have this feature, you can install extensions or plug-ins to do the same job.

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Most small business owners are buried in email. This is discouraging since they don’t always get to answer the important ones. Business etiquette suggests that each email should be replied to within 24 hours.

Letting messages go unanswered for longer than this can have a profound negative effect on relationships in their business. The sender is worried that the email was not received or a “no answer” means a negative reply. In many cases, it means neither of these things.

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An increased number of small business owners are cashing out and getting record sales prices on their exit plans, according to’s latest quarterly Insight Report.

The BizBuySell Insight Report is a nationally-recognized economic indicator that tracks the health of the U.S. small business economy. It focuses on sales and listing prices of owner-operated small businesses in over 70 major markets across the United States with less than $2 million in sales.

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Consumers will be better able to determine if they’re getting a sweet deal on high-speed Internet access and avoid indigestion when they open their bills by using nutrition-like labels for broadband service unveiled Monday by federal regulators.

Modeled on the rectangular Nutrition Facts labels on food products, the new broadband labels replace information on calories, sugar and cholesterol with details on price, speed and data caps.

“If you’re going to get competition, competition, competition, you need information, information, information,” said Tom Wheeler, chairman of the Federal Communications Commission.

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Trends are constantly changing in the business world. But keeping up with those trends is critical and can help your business really stay competitive and profitable in a very competitive market. Members of the small business community have some advice for keeping your business ahead of the curve. And they’ve shared some tips and input below.

Focus on the Future of Your Business
When running a business, you have to constantly look to the future to plan and create goals. In this week’s Ignite the Gears Podcast, Small Business Trends CEO and founder Anita Campbell was honored to be interviewed about some upcoming trends that may impact the future of your business.

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