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A recent ProPublica analysis of The Princeton Review’s prices for online SAT tutoring shows that customers in areas with a high density of Asian residents are often charged more. When presented with this finding, The Princeton Review called it an “incidental” result of its geographic pricing scheme. The case illustrates how even a seemingly neutral price model could potentially lead to inadvertent bias—bias that’s hard for consumers to detect and even harder to challenge or prove.

Over the past several decades, an important tool for assessing and addressing discrimination has been the “disparate impact” theory. Attorneys have used this idea to successfully challenge policies that have a discriminatory effect on certain groups of people, whether or not the entity that crafted the policy was motivated by an intent to discriminate. It’s been deployed in lawsuits involving employment decisions, housing, and credit. Going forward, the question is whether the theory can be applied to bias that results from new technologies that use algorithms.

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Small business owners seeking to use social media to connect with customers may want to take a closer look at mobile messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Kik, and iMessage.

Those are among the more popular types of apps that smartphone owners are using, according to a recent study by Pew Research Center.

Specifically, these messaging apps are most popular among young-adult users, the survey says, It notes that nearly half (49 percent) of smartphone owners ages 18 to 29 use these apps. While 41 percent use apps such as Snapchat or Wickr which automatically delete sent messages after a short time. Including adult respondents, the survey says 36 percent of smartphone owners reported using those mobile messaging apps, while 17 percent said they used temporary messaging apps like Snapchat and Wickr.

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Apple and Cisco Systems, two of the valley’s tech titans, are teaming up.

The companies Monday announced a partnership aimed at helping Apple’s iPhone and iPad devices work better for businesses, many of which use Cisco networking equipment

As part of the deal, Cisco plans to tweak its networks to give Apple devices and the apps running on them something of a fast lane on corporate networks. It also plans to help integrate iPhones and iPads into those networks so that users can more easily switch between those devices and their office phones and equipment.

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GoPro is very excited to release its latest feature that further enables users to effortlessly share their memorable moments captured on their GoPro devices. This smart new feature allows the user to create short video clips directly on the camera or mobile device for easy sharing. Simply press the Trim icon in playback mode, choose a 5-, 15-, or 30-second clip from any of your recorded content, and save it for sharing, all without transferring entire video files.

On-camera trimming, available on HERO4 Black with LCD BacPac, HERO4 Silver, and HERO+ LCD, allows you to save your trimmed file directly back onto the memory card, adjacent to the rest of the video files for later sharing. As well, the in-app functionality will allow for instant saving to your camera roll and very precise trimming from all Wi-Fi enabled GoPro cameras.


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Content marketing has become a major part of many marketing strategies, and for good reason. The concept is one that can adapt to so many different industries, budgets and target markets. But that also means that no two content marketing strategies look the same.

For tips on how to build a content marketing plan that works best for your business, read on for this week’s Small Business Trends community news and information roundup.

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Opera Max, Opera‘s data-saving proxy for Android, has long allowed you to save some of your previous mobile data by compressing text, video and images when you surf the web or use apps like Instagram on your phone. What Opera Max couldn’t do, however, was compress HTTPS videos, and that meant no support for the likes of YouTube and Netflix.

With today’s update, however, that’s changing and you can now also use Max to save some bandwidth while you watch all of your favorite cat videos on YouTube and Ancient Aliens mockumentaries on Netflix.

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More and more tech-savvy people are opting to use their smartphones to check their Facebook or scroll through their Twitter feed, a survey says. The mobile computing device has overtaken the laptop as the population’s choice for browsing the internet this year, at least in the U.K.

A survey conducted by Ofcom revealed that more Britons would rather whip out their smartphones to go online and chat with their friends, stream content, go shopping, or search for answers on Google than wait a few minutes for their laptops to boot. About a third of the respondents admitted to turning their smartphones on to go online. Meanwhile, only 30 per cent of them spend their time on the web using a laptop.

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The Gif is on the rise. The New York Times reported today on the new popularity of gifs, which have seen a notable upswing in use increasing since 2012. Social networks are making it easier than ever to integrate gifs into posts. Facebook announced true gif support on the site this past March, and Twitter did the same last summer.
As the New York Times notes, this increasing propensity toward gif use may signal the rise of a new language made possible by mobile and text-driven communication. Linguists already say that emojis are a new language (and see our rundown, here). Will animated gifs prove the same?

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