It seems Microsoft is developing its own SIM cards that will allow Windows 10 devices to access a range of different cellular data networks without the need for a contract.

The Verge has noticed that Microsoft has just released a new app called Cellular Data. It explains that the service will allow you to “connect with – and pay for – a mobile data plan on your Windows 10 device using only your Microsoft account information.

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A little over a year ago, LinkNYC promised to set up public Wi-Fi hotspots around the Big Apple to potentially earn $500 million dollars in ad-revenue over the next 12 years.

The idea is to replace every disconnected phone booth with a gigabit hotspot offering USB charging ports, a touchscreen web browser, and two large screen TVs that will display advertisements. The completed rollout will have installed more than 7,500 public hubs.

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tmomusicfreedomT-Mobile’s Music Freedom, a program that allows you to stream music from select services without it counting against your data cap, has been around since June last year. As of today, there’s 11 more services you can use without worrying.

All the big names in music streaming are already part of Music Freedom, so it’s not surprise that lesser-known services are the ones being added today: Aud.io, StreamOn, and TuneIn Premium, to name the ones you might have heard of.

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This new Wi-Fi technology is being hailed as one of the best technological innovations happened this year. The Power Over WiFi (PoWiFi) system uses a WiFi router and its WiFi signals to power the devices.

Earlier this year, this technology came into the limelight when researchers published a new paper that outlined a way to harvest energy from WiFi signals and power a temperature sensor, a charger for an activity tracking bracelet, and a low-res gray-scale camera.

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When Microsoft announced earlier this week that it would no longer be handing out unlimited cloud storage to Office 365 subscribers via its OneDrive service, those affected were obviously not enthused. Users who were previously unbounded by the all-you-can-eat buffet that was endless cloud storage will soon be limited to a less satisfying 1TB.

Those latching on to the 100 and 200GB plans will see reduction to a dismal 50GB at the same monthly cost. Even free users will be affected, by a reduction from 15GB to a meager 5GB of complimentary storage. And that all goes without mentioning the 15GB camera roll feature, which is to be axed altogether.

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Microsoft has announced that it’s scrapping its unlimited OneDrive cloud storage plan which it launched last year, as well as introducing a lower cap on its free offering, too.

Complaining that subscribers were using too much of the unlimited storage, there will now be a 1TB limit placed on the subscription service. Microsoft explains the actions that have brought about the U-turn:

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HP is going to shut down its cloud business, and this time it means it. Seriously. The company’s executive, Bill Hilf, wrote a post on the HP blog, where he announced that the Helion service will be put out of its misery next year.

“We will sunset our HP Helion Public Cloud offering on January 31, 2016”, he writes. Instead, the company will focus on turning its hardware gear into the building blocks for private enterprise clouds.

 “As we have before, we will help our customers design, build and run the best cloud environments suited to their needs – based on their workloads and their business and industry requirements”, he adds.

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Alongside the launch of iOS 9.1, Sprint has implemented an enhanced Wi-Fi calling feature for its users, allowing them to make and receive calls on multiple iOS and Mac devices over Wi-Fi or a cellular connection.

Prior to today, it was possible for Sprint users to make and receive calls from iPads and Macs using an iPhone’s cellular connection, but that functionality did not extend to calls placed over Wi-Fi when cellular signal was low.

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While most of the public cloud runs on low-cost x86 hardware, it’s not the only game in town. Rackspace is building a service using a new server based on IBM’s Power processor, and now Fujitsu is making moves with its Sparc-based M10 Unix systems.

On Tuesday, Fujitsu launched a managed cloud service in North America that’s aimed at retailers like Safeway and Costco and brands like Nike and Banana Republic. It’s designed to let them test and deploy new commerce applications quickly without having to build new infrastructure in house. The service is based on the Oracle Commerce Platform and uses software from Grid Dynamics to manage and monitor the cloud environment.

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If you’re the one who finds himself a slave in the bunch of all the cables and versatility of those cables in terms of different interfaces they’ve, then you must read further. WiGig, a new technology has taken the responsibility to fight for your freedom and provide you a cable-free life.

Wireless Gigabit Alliance, or simply WiGig, was structured to facilitate the use of unlicensed 60GHz spectrum so as to harness multi-gigabit speeds with low latency and mark a new chapter in the history of wireless communication technologies.

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