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Facebook and privacy issues have always been opposed. To help address this situation, or to make it easier for users to have more control over the information they share, the network has released Security Checkup .

Security Checkup is a tool that helps users find security settings for their accounts. To remind users to do their “security checkup” in the coming weeks will be displayed on the wall of news, a notice inviting them to review their security. The process is as simple as following the instructions, so that we make sure to have the correct configuration, and disconnect from Facebook on devices that have not used in a while, turn on notifications of connection (if someone connects to our account) and security tips to implement a good password.

If you do not want to wait for the announcement, and you can check it from the browser on your PC or Mac, the security on your Facebook . This function can not yet be set on mobile phones, but according to the Newsroom of Facebook is coming soon.

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Intel Corporation has presented the results of their income for the second quarter of 2015: The company has managed to obtain 13,200 million, with an operating profit of 2,900 million, net income of 2,700 million and earnings per share of 55 cents .

Also, during this quarter, the company generated an operating income of approximately 3,400 million, has distributed dividends amounting to 1,100 million dollars and has used $ 697 million to repurchase 22 million shares.

“Intel’s results for the second quarter show signs of the transformation of our business, and that the sectors of the data center, memory and Internet of Things have represented over 70% of our operating profit and have helped to offset the adverse climate that we live in the PC market, “said Brian Krzanich, CEO of the company.

Total revenues presented are in line with company expectations, while gross margins of 62.5% slightly exceeded. Intel also reported that Client Computing Group revenues amounted to 7,500 million, representing a sequential growth of 2% and an annual contraction of 14%. In addition, the Data Center Group recorded revenues of 3,900 million dollars and the Internet of Things 559 million dollars.

The company has certified its sixth generation of Intel® Core ™ processors (developed under the codename “Skylake”), which over the second half of 2015 will result in exciting and innovative experiences in the PC world.

“We continue to have great confidence in our growth strategies and we continue to focus our efforts on innovation and execution of operations. We expect Skylake releases, Microsoft Windows 10 and new OEM systems will help bring vitality to the client computer over the second half of the year industry,” said Krzanich.