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Google on Friday announced the extension of the Fact Check feature it introduced last fall in partnership with Jigsaw. Publishers now can display a Fact Check tag in news stories everywhere that Google News is available.

The company also has introduced the Fact Check feature globally in Google Search, in all of the languages it supports.

“For the first time, when you conduct a search on Google that returns an authoritative result containing fact checks for one or more public claims, you will see that information clearly on the search results page,” noted Jigsaw Product Manager Justin Kosslyn and Research Scientist Cong Yu in an online post.

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Twitter just filed a lawsuit against the Department of Homeland Security and US Customs and Border Protection over an attempt by those agencies to unmask an anonymous Twitter account, @ALT_uscis, that is frequently critical of United States immigration policy.

From Twitter’s lawsuit:

Specifically, on March 14, 2017, they issued and delivered to Twitter an administrative summons (the “CBP Summons”) demanding that Twitter provide them records that would unmask, or likely lead to unmasking, the identity of the person(s) responsible for the @ALT_USCIS account.

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In 2014, FBI Director James Comey half-jokingly remarked that the FBI was having trouble recruiting tech talent for its cyber crime division because the best of the best smoke weed. Three years and numerous hacking scandals later, he’s actually floating some ideas on how to fix that problem.

After he said that his attempts to staff a great workforce that could compete with the best cyber criminals has been complicated because “some of those kids want to smoke weed on the way to the interview,” Comey had to clarify that he has no intentions of changing FBI policy on cannabis use. (The FBI won’t accept anyone who has smoked weed in the last three years.) That seems to still be the case but he does have some other possible solutions.

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Five days after Trump’s inauguration, news leaked that his staff was continuing to use email linked to a private server. While that’s not illegal (though hypocritical, given Hillary’s election pillorying), it requires those using non-government emails to disclose them. If that doesn’t happen — if those messages aren’t forwarded to an official account and stored for posterity — the offender violates the Presidential Records Act.

It seems the same could apply to Trump’s tweets: The White House has agreed to the US National Archives’ request that they save every one, including those he deletes.

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There are two personalities on display in Donald Trump’s Twitter feed. One Trump generally spells things correctly, tweets flattering news stories, and politely thanks visitors for meeting with him. The other Trump is easily provoked, capitalizes random words, and lashes out in real time at things that annoy him.

These two genres of tweets generally come from two different devices—an Android phone and an iPhone—and thus presumably from different people.

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Cortana has been available on Android for a year now (in the US at least), and Microsoft recently made its virtual assistant even more useful by making it accessible on the lock screen.

Today, however, the company takes things a stage further by making it possible to interact with Cortana above the lock.

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Apple’s new (PRODUCT)RED iPhone 7 and 7 Plus went on sale online and in retail stores around the world today, and after a short wait in line, we managed to get our hands on one of the new devices.

Made from a matte red aluminum, the red iPhone 7 is super pigmented and bright in real life, but aside from its snazzy new casing, it’s identical to existing devices.

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Apple is stockpiling resources to make a splash in the augmented reality market.

The company is not only marshaling internal resources behind its AR efforts, but also hiring talented outsiders and acquiring companies with expertise in AR hardware, 3D gaming and virtual reality software, Bloomberg reported Monday.

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Following WikiLeaks’ publication earlier this week of classified documents stolen from the CIA, major technology companies, including Apple, Samsung, Microsoft and Cisco, have been scrambling to assess the risks posed to their customers by the revelations.

The so-called “Vault 7” leak includes information about methods and tools the CIA crafted to hack into products produced by those companies.

Apple’s initial analysis reportedly showed that many of the issues identifed in iOS already were patched in the latest version of the software.

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If you’re wondering how the director of the FBI can justify advising that you tape over your webcam while also asking for backdoor access to iPhones, check out his keynote speech at the 2017 Boston Conference on Cyber Security.

As James Comey sees it, Americans should not expect “absolute privacy” because a court can (under some circumstances) compel people to give testimony from their memory of private conversations and it should be able to order up digital evidence the same way.

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