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Apple Unveils iOS 10 Update with New 3D Touch Pop Ups, More

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Apple announced some updates to its mobile operating systems across the board during Apple Worldwide Developers Conference 2016 recently. Those updates included some new features and a more open policy for app developers, which will hopefully bring more innovative solutions in the future. Since the mobile division is the bread and butter of the company, the spotlight was definitely brighter on iOS 10.

Apple says the iOS 10 update is the biggest release to date, with more than 70 new features designed to make your mobile experience better than ever.

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Anyone Can Install iOS 10 Beta Right Now, But Should You

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With iOS 10 beta in the wild, literally anyone can install the iOS 10 beta on their iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch right now with little effort. All you need to do is download the iOS 10 beta IPSW file or get the beta profile to download it through an OTA update, there are no checks or requirements beyond that.

Essentially this means if you’re an Apple dev or not, or have a friend in the developer program, or just have some access to the appropriate files, it’s that easy to install the beta right away on any device that supports iOS 10.

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Apple's iOS 10 Goes to Eleven

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Apple on Monday kicked off its Worldwide Developers Conference with the biggest-ever release of its iOS mobile operating system.

CEO Tim Cook called iOS 10, coming this fall, “gigantic” and “the mother of all releases.”

Among the new offerings in the upcoming version of iOS are more features in Messaging, all new designs for News, Music and Photos, and increased opportunities for developers to integrate their apps with Siri, Maps and Messages.

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Apple showcases iOS 10 Revamped notifications, emojis and 3D Touch take center stage

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Apple’s new iOS 10 brings lots of new features and improvements. The most positive impressions came from unlocking lots of default apps and APIs to developers, which will allow for much better customization and user experience later on.

The iOS 10’s camera wasn’t detailed at the keynote, but as it turns out Apple will be enabling saving the RAW image in DNG format from the camera’s hardware.

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A wish list for iOS

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With Apple set to unveil a host of new features for the software underlying the iPhone and iPad, I’ve got some ideas on what it ought to include.

On Monday, the computing giant kicks off its annual Worldwide Developer Conference in San Francisco. The company uses the event each year to show off the latest versions of its operating systems, which now include OS X for Macs; iOS for iPads and iPhones; Apple TV’s tvOS; and watchOS for Apple Watch. Of those, iOS is the most important because, by far, it’s used by the most people.

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Apple hints at OS X rebrand in the App Store

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If you think about it, OS X isn’t really a great name for Apple’s Mac operating system. It was just meant to be the next OS after Mac OS 9, but because it has a nice round (roman) number and used all-new UNIX-based tech, Apple has stuck with the name for nigh on 17 years.

According to the rumor mill and apparent slip-up on the App Store, that’s about to change, however. It now seems likely that Apple will change OS X to macOS, essentially reverting to its pre-1999 naming scheme.

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From the Reminders app, add a new reminder, then hit the detail icon. This is where you can assign specifics for the task, including “Remind me at a location.” This feature gives you the option to set a specific location, but you can also select “getting in the car” or “getting out of the car.” If your phone connects to your car via Bluetooth, you’ll get that reminder whenever your phone is paired.

This is also useful for stuff you might forget to do when you get home. If you have a bad habit of leaving your keys in the door, for example, you could set a reminder not to do that when you’re getting out of the car.

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You can easily save any webpage to iBooks as a PDF file for later reading on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch by using a new feature built into the action sheet of iOS. This ability will create a PDF of the active web page and store it in iBooks in iOS, available for quick later access or offline viewing.

To have access to the “Save PDF to iBooks” feature in iOS, you’ll need to be sure you’re running a modern version of system software on the iPhone or iPad, anything over iOS 9 will have the Save to PDF feature, earlier versions of iOS do not without using this bookmarklet trick.

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Skype for Business now available on OS X

In an attempt to entice enterprise Mac users, Microsoft has just released a preview of its new Skype for Business for OS X. This new version of Skype will be business-focused and is centered around creating an experience tailored to enterprise users.

From today, you can request access to the preview from Microsoft. The company will be sending the Skype for Business Mac Preview out to IT administrators in order for them to familiarize themselves with the software before extending the preview to more users.

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Microsoft outs Word Flow keyboard for iOS

Microsoft has just released Word Flow, its once exclusive Windows Phone keyboard, for Apple’s iOS. The keyboard is known for its fast typing capabilities and excellent recognition skills. The world’s record for fast typing has been done exactly on Word Flow.

Anyway, Word Flow is currently available as a free app on the US App Store. Once it completes its beta period Microsoft should make it available to everyone.

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