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WatchOS 3 Offers New Hope for Smartwatch Category

Apple finally responded to concerns that were threatening to scuttle its once-promising wearables category. Its introduction of watchOS 3 at this week’s WWDC has drawn high praise.

The Apple Watch represented the company’s attempt to marry the ultimate Dick Tracy smart gadget with the genius of the iPhone, but it fell short. Instead of a convenience, it was more like an extra iPhone appendage — and one that was far too slow and complicated for many consumers to navigate.

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The End of Apt And Yum Ubuntu Snaps Now Work On All Linux Distributions

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With the launch of Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, Canonical made installation of applications much easier with the help of snaps. The snaps came as a secure and easier way to get packages, providing the developers a power to share the latest version of their apps with the users as soon as they are ready.

Now, snaps aren’t just confined to Ubuntu. Ubuntu’s parent company Canonical has announced that as a result of the collabration with other developers of Linux distros like Debian, Gentoo, and Arch Linux, snaps are now coming to other distros as well.

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Cortana is coming to the Xbox One this summer

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Microsoft announced the first big update to Windows 10 — known as the “anniversary update” — earlier this year.

And now that the Xbox One is technically a Windows 10 machine, it’ll be getting some new features as far of the fun. It’s not near as radical an update as what we saw last year, but a handful of new features will make the console a bit more user-friendly.

The most notable addition here is full Cortana integration.

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Here's How Facebook Is Strengthening Its Virtual Reality Offering

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Facebook recently announced that it is acquiring Two Big Ears, an Edinburgh based company which specializes in spatial 3D audio in cinematic and gaming experiences.

Along with this acquisition, Facebook also announced the launch of Facebook 360 Spatial Workstation, where the authoring tools, encoder and rendering engine for cinematic VR (virtual reality) and 360 video developed by Two Big Ears will be available for free download to developers.

The technology of Two Big Ears primarily focuses on how sound plays in 3D spaces and how it interacts with surfaces that surround the users.

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According to Google, 20 percent of people in the USA will experience a disability at some point in their life. Let’s think about this for a moment — that is one in five people. In other words, people with disabilities are a significant part of the population. While there are many laws on the books protecting the disabled from discrimination, this group of people can still be underrepresented.

Today, the search giant highlights some of the ways it is helping users with disabilities. Google is focusing on multiple platforms, such as Chromebooks, Android, and the web.

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If it hasn’t happened already, there will come a time when you’ll wish your computer was running a different operating system. Whether you’re a competent software developer or simply a user desiring an application exclusive to an OS other than the one you own, there are plenty of valid reasons why you’d want to use another OS.

Despite what you might think, however, you don’t necessarily have to adhere to your supposed monetary and spatial restraints, given the number of available virtual machines.


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How Anonymous Hackers Just Fooled Donald Trump And The FBI Big Time

While people were eagerly waiting for the Anonymous’ next move as a part of its war against Donald Trump, the hacktivist group has surprised everyone by calling its latest leak a ‘trap’.

Challenging Donald Trump, Anonymous declared a total war and asked the hacker to participate in this movement. As the next step, some personal information of Donald Trump was released that included his home address, social security number, email address, phone number etc.

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Everyone loves watching a great movie on a big screen with a kickass speaker system, but few would complain about losing the sticky floors, uncomfortable seats, and kids with smartphones (unless they’re your own kids).

Our A/V team spends thousands of hours each year to find the best looking and sounding home theater equipment. Whether you have a dedicated theater room planned or are thinking of upgrading your weeknight living room movie night, we have recommendations covering whatever space and budget you have.

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google and Apple

Google’s parent company, Alphabet, is encroaching on Apple’s status as the most valuable company in the world, reports CNN. While Apple is currently on top, a surge in Alphabet shares today gave it a market valuation of $533.4 billion, briefly surpassing Apple’s valuation of $532.7 billion on a 1 percent stock drop.

Alphabet shares dropped shortly after, leaving Apple at a higher valuation, but the numbers could shift again tomorrow following Alphabet’s first financial earnings report this afternoon. Alphabet is expected to announce overall revenue growth of close to 15 percent with a 20 percent increase in earnings per share.

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