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The Mac Finder offers a variety of methods of merging two folders contents together into a single directory. One option allows users to join different directory contents together that contain files with the same names, using the ‘keep both’ function in OS X Finder.

This can be a little confusing at first glance, but after a bit of practice you’ll understand a bit more how the feature works and how you can use it to merge directory contents with files that share the same names together into a single folder, entirely by using the OS X Finder.

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In today’s highly dynamic and even chaotic mobile realm there is little certainty in terms of roadmaps and release schedules. Apple, however, is still upholding the values of diligence and continuity and, as expected, a new wave of iPhones is inbound on September 9. In keeping with the long-standing naming convention, we can also be fairly sure that these will be the iPhone 6s and the 6s Plus.

This means than in all likelihood Apple is going to continue its new phablet line, but there has also been mention of a successor to the infamous iPhone 5c. Previous rumors brought us info on the smaller smartphone and even a few alleged shots of its casing, but the estimated launch date was a few month after the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus.

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Samsung may be the biggest seller of Android devices, but it’s far from alone: there are now 1,300 brands behind the one billion Android handsets now in use across the globe.
OpenSignal, the maker of an app that gauges mobile signals, has released its fourth annual Android fragmentation report, which found a total of 24,093 different Android devices now in the wild, made by 1,294 companies.
It’s a vastly different picture to 2012: 1,000 of the brands that appear in this year’s survey didn’t exist three years ago. Now, there’s a growing number of Android device makers both large and small, chipping away at Samsung’s dominance and chasing the small slice of the industry’s profits that aren’t held by Apple.

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Supercomputers are serious things, called on to do serious computing. They tend to be engaged in serious pursuits like atomic bomb simulations, climate modeling and high-level physics. Naturally, they cost serious money. At the very top of the latest Top500 supercomputer ranking is the Tianhe-2 supercomputer at China’s National University of Defense Technology. It cost about $390 million to build.

But then there’s the supercomputer that Joshua Kiepert, a doctoral student at Boise State’s Electrical and Computer Engineering department, created with Raspberry Pi computers. It cost less than $2,000.

No, I’m not making that up. It’s an honest-to-goodness supercomputer made from overclocked 1-GHz Model B Raspberry Pi ARM11 processors with Videocore IV GPUs. Each one comes with 512MB of RAM, a pair of USB ports and a 10/100 BaseT Ethernet port.

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bridging gap

Last week, we released Windows 10 as a free upgrade in over 190 markets, taking the first big step toward upgrading 1 billion devices to Windows 10 and the Universal Windows Platform (UWP). Alongside Windows, we also delivered the Windows SDK and accompanying tools that you’ll use to build and submit Universal Windows apps.

Windows 10 introduced new APIs and built a platform that does much of the work to make apps more personal through adaptive UX, natural user inputs and cloud-based services. We also introduced a series of “bridging” technologies to enable developers to bring their existing iOS, Android, Web and desktop code and skillsets to the Windows Store, for which I’ll provide an update here.

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Whether it’s playful refresh states, subtle icon movements or complex transitions, beautiful animation is all around us. Once considered an aesthetic luxury, animation is now used so commonly in modern web and mobile applications that entire websites are dedicated to UI animation patterns.
While animations may have great visual appeal, they also make app experiences more intuitive and engaging. Animation can make an app feel more fluid and responsive by providing feedback on user interaction. This means that, for designers, creating authentic animations is increasingly becoming a part of the job description.

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IBM on Wednesday launched a cloud service that aims to make it easier for enterprises to deploy Apple’s Macs.
The rollout is part of the broader partnership between Apple and IBM. Big Blue’s MobileFirst Managed Mobility Services is designed to enable companies to incorporate Macs into their infrastructure while providing custom apps and enterprise systems.
Apple’s Mac platform is one of the few growth areas in the PC market, but still represents a small portion of enterprise footprints. However, employees are increasingly bringing Macs to the office via bring your own device.

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This tutorial explains how you can easily make a Twitter bot that will automatically favorite and/or retweet tweets that contain particular keywords or #hashtags. You need absolutely no coding knowledge and your Twitter bot will be up and running in few minutes.

Before we get started, you may be wondering why would anyone write a twitter bot that mindlessly favorites or retweets tweets? Yes, bots are often used for spammy behavior but, if used right, they can also help grow your Twitter network. For instance, when people share a link from your website on Twitter, you can favorite that tweet and it will give an hint to the original poster that you are author of that page. A brand may like to retweet tweets that contain positive mentions of their product. The list goes on.

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With the imminent arrival of Windows 10, Lenovo announced that it is ready for its new products to market with the renewed version of the operating system from Microsoft:  the notebook YOGA , YOGA 3 Pro and g500 are then added to the catalog of the company.

Lenovo has worked with Microsoft to make the upgrade process that has started from July 29, day of the launch of Windows 10. If a user has reserved a copy of Windows 10, he/she will be noticed once the process compatibility confirms the user is ready for a great experience when using the device.

Windows 10 interface

Lenovo and Microsoft have worked together to integrate Cortana and REACHit, Lenovo innovative applications that allow users to search and manage their content on different devices and platforms in the cloud storage.

And with REACHit, Cortana becomes even more intelligent and personal, allowing users to find content such as emails, photos and videos in a way that could never have been imagined. Cortana and REACHit offer users a simple and intuitive way to search through a natural language and contextual understanding.

“With Windows 10, the use of electronic devices becomes more personal, productive and connected,” said Tom Shell, senior vice president, PC Business Group, Lenovo. “In our entire line of PCs for both the office and home, we have optimized our devices Lenovo to offer our customers a great experience when using the electronics, with search tools improved as Cortana with REACHit.”

To provide users with a great user experience with their devices and operating systems, pre-loads include a range of applications from Lenovo. The new optimization tool Lenovo Companion 3.0 devices stays running at peak performance and can be used at any time to conduct a large-scale examination and get a report specific to free up space and accelerate actions devices.

The fact: the new Lenovo Settings allow users to adapt and modify the behavior of their devices more easily. For example, when we’re in tablet mode, the product will change our display and other settings, given its new direction and not in the typical laptop mode as usual, with the advantage of having Windows 10 operating system.