In the wake of an article on auto news website Motor Trend that raised concerns over the amount of data Google’s Android Auto software collects, Google has issued a formal statement clearing the air on the matter.

 “We take privacy very seriously and do not collect the data the Motor Trend article claims such as throttle position, oil temp, and coolant temp,” said the Mountain View, California-based company.

“Users opt in to share information with Android Auto that improves their experience, so the system can be hands-free when in drive and provide more accurate navigation through the car’s GPS.”

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Verizon is merging its cellphone tracking supercookie with AOL’s ad tracking network to match users’ online habits with their offline details.

Verizon is giving a new mission to its controversial hidden identifier that tracks users of mobile devices. Verizon said in a little-noticed announcement that it will soon begin sharing the profiles with AOL’s ad network, which in turn monitors users across a large swath of the Internet.

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Volkswagen has been cheating in emissions tests to make its diesel cars seem less polluting than they really are.

We know that Volkswagen’s on-board software used information from the steering, brakes and accelerator to detect when one of its diesel cars was on a “treadmill” undergoing an emissions test and tweak the engine settings to minimize nitrogen oxide (NOx) levels. On the open road, NOx emissions were up to 35 times higher.

It is not yet clear what exactly this software did, but we can make some educated guesses. There are two main ways to reduce NOx emissions: minimize their production or remove them from the exhaust fumes.

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anaconda eneterprise

Continuum Analytics’ free Anaconda software has long been known for its Python-powered analytics capabilities, but on Monday the company unveiled a new offering designed specifically for enterprises.

Launched at Strata + Hadoop World in New York, the enterprise version of Anaconda is designed to enable corporate data science teams and in-house developers to explore and solve complex data problems in a packaged, easy-to-deploy, open data science stack.

The software offers easy GPU and multicore integration, Continuum said, along with scalable browser-based visualization via data shading.

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Microsoft Office 2016 goes on sale Tuesday, bringing real-time collaboration, improved Skype integration and quick access to many options to the suite that includes Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

The updates aren’t big leaps. But Microsoft, which has seen long-time customers turn to Google, Apple and others for word processing, spreadsheets and other competing apps, says Office 2016 will improve on older versions.

It’s not about new icons or fancier menus, said Shawn Villaron, a group manager for PowerPoint. The best way to assess the latest version is to “look at the new scenarios we’re enabling,” he said in an interview. “We believe the Office 2016 release represents that big shift from ‘me productivity’ to ‘team productivity.’”

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Whether it’s playful refresh states, subtle icon movements or complex transitions, beautiful animation is all around us. Once considered an aesthetic luxury, animation is now used so commonly in modern web and mobile applications that entire websites are dedicated to UI animation patterns.
While animations may have great visual appeal, they also make app experiences more intuitive and engaging. Animation can make an app feel more fluid and responsive by providing feedback on user interaction. This means that, for designers, creating authentic animations is increasingly becoming a part of the job description.

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