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The Samsung Dex is a tiny new smartphone dock that wades carefully toward a world in which smartphones serve as our primary computers. It’s about the size of a hockey puck, and when the Galaxy S8, a monitor, and a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse are connected, the Dex turns the phone into a surprisingly functional desktop. The idea is that instead of lugging a laptop around everywhere, you might just take your phone and drop it into a dock at home, the office, and so on.

The concept of docking a smartphone and turning it into a fully functional PC is an ambitious dream that has failed spectacularly many times in the past.

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What’s the cheapest way to make a Google Home device? Use the free Google AIY Project Kit that comes clubbed with the latest edition of MagPi, the official Rpi magazine.

MagPi 57 includes an accessory board, a stereo microphone, a cardboard case, some connector wires, and an arcade button used to activate the Google Assistant. You’ll have to hook your own Raspberry Pi board to complete the system, followed by setting up the Google Assistant SDK and Google Cloud Speech API.

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As a market, we seem to have trouble learning that three key elements are necessary for a new technology to take hold: It has to appear complete, it has to be compelling, and it has to seem like a value (be affordable). Compared to what we have today, the car that opened up the automotive market in the U.S. was none of those things — yet it was incredibly successful.

So, this is about perception, which is why the iPod — which also was none of those things initially, if compared to the iPhone or iPad of today — also was incredibly successful. The difference comes down to expectations and marketing, and like quadrophonic sound, 3D and video disks, VR doesn’t yet have the right stuff.

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Based on supply chain analysis following a trip to Asia, Susquehanna Financial Group analyst Christopher Rolland (via Barron’s) believes Apple’s third-generation Apple Watch may introduce cellular connectivity, a feature that’s been long rumored for the device.

Specifically, Rolland suggests the 2017 Apple Watch will include a SIM card for LTE connectivity and that the next-generation device will be promoted alongside the AirPods.

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Movado Group – guardians of a number of fashion watch brands such as Tommy Hilfiger and Hugo Boss – has confirmed that it will be launching a family of Android Wear 2.0 watches.

There will be five styles of men’s watches unveiled by Movado at Baselworld 2017 in the Movado Connect portfolio. They will come with five customisable watch faces, with options for complications, to get unique and informative dial.

As Android Wear 2.0 watches, they will support a full range of new functions, including Android Pay and Google Assistant. With greater independence in Android Wear 2.0, you’ll also be able to install a range of standalone apps, meaning a great experience with Apple iPhone, as well as full, seamless integration with Android phones.

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Google Home may soon get a lot more useful for the entire family.

One of the most annoying things about Google Home and similar smart speakers is that they only work with a single account. So all the services and integrations and features are tied to one person, which is cumbersome when you consider smart speakers sit in the home and are frequently used by everyone else in the home. Well, according to a new report, Google is working on a fix.

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Remember the Huawei Watch? We wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t – considering it first launched nearly two years ago. But it is one of the best-looking Android Wear watches and fans have been patiently waiting for a second-generation model.

Although last year came and went without any hardware upgrades, Google recently released the Android Wear 2.0 update, so now is the perfect time for Huawei Watch 2.

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Apple's rumoured AR smart glasses might finally debut this summer

Apple may introduce a lightweight pair of AR glasses soon.

Facebook-owned Oculus VR, Samsung, HTC, Microsoft, Google, and others are all dabbling in virtual reality and augmented reality. But what about Apple? Well, everything from patents to acquisitions and talent poaching suggests the Cupertino-based company has something in the works. Even, Robert Scoble, an industry commentator, recently said that Apple will announce AR smart glasses by summer 2017.

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