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Fitting rooms can feel like a coffin for your self-esteem. Even the kindest “Everything OK in there?” from a salesperson can sound like the buzzing of a million mosquitoes to a stressed-out shopper. Well, that was before Oak Labs‘ smart fitting room.

Now the humble fitting room mirror can be the salvation of a shopping trip. No longer is it your enemy, reflecting — and sometimes magnifying — all the little negatives about an outfit and the experience of prying oneself away from the computer and going to an actual store.

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Uber this week announced a feature that lets drivers set their destinations twice a day for when they only want to pick up riders traveling their way.

The feature is rolling out this week in the Bay Area, reportedly in the company’s hometown of San Francisco first.

“We haven’t announced when and where we will offer this feature next, but we are focused on rolling it out to additional markets,” Uber spokesperson Molly Spaeth told TechNewsWorld.

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There’s no doubt about it, the new touch-capable Siri remote is one of the new fourth generation Apple TV’s killer features.
However, out of the box, you may find it a little frustrating in use. I’ve put together a few tips for fine-tuning your experience to take control of the Siri Remote. I’m not getting into voice commands –that’s another post– but these suggestions should help you with everything else to do with Apple’s remote.

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Major global IT vendors — including leading hardware, systems software, eCommerce, big data, cloud, network, telco and systems integrator companies — have little wisdom, advice or vision to offer their customers and prospects when it comes to blockchain technology.

This is the result of a survey entitled Searching in Vain for The Block Chain, conducted by enterprise IT specialist consulting firm Lighthouse Partners. It is also the main reason this company decided to start offering consulting services on the topic.

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According to Tim Joyce, Chief Innovation Officer of Xerox Customer Care, business success stories during the past 100 years were primarily about products. He says that now we’re moving towards a world where success and value propositions will be based on service. Of course we’ll still need products, but he says our purchases will be more about the services wrapped around them. Consumers will be permanently connected to sophisticated help desks that watch and anticipate customer needs.

Joyce believes that technology will make customer’s lives much better—and he doesn’t see technology replacing humans. Much like the people who at IBM run Watson, he believes technology will enhance the customer’s experience. Technology will eventually even prevent customers from having to contact customer care at all. Perhaps our products will talk to us and fix themselves for us.

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The Mattermark Growth Score shown in the table below and downloadable Excel file is a measure of how quickly a company is gaining traction at a given point in time. It incorporates the Mindshare Score (web traffic, social traction) as well as business growth metrics (e.g. employee count over time, funding).

The underlying assumption is that companies who see growth across these signals are shipping product and talking to customers, and are more likely to continue to grow as a result. This score is not meant to provide guidance on which startup to invest in. Rather it’s a measure of momentum across the metrics and KPIs that Mattermark measures.

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Frequencies once considered useless for most mobile services could start showing up on phones and other devices in a few years under a plan by the U.S. Federal Communications Commission.

On Thursday, the FCC adopted a proposal to make four high-frequency spectrum bands available for services including mobile voice and data and machine-to-machine communication, or the Internet of Things. Though some of those bands are already used for technologies such as satellite, they have never been approved for regular mobile service.

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Unless you’re super rich, you’ve probably never heard of Savant. The home automation company brags about catering to “the one percent of the one percent.” But now that the internet of things is all the rage, Savant is offering a slick smart home system for the everyman.

Savant’s new home automation system is wonderfully simple. It’s a hub, a touchscreen remote, and a lamp control device, all of which communicate over wifi. (The remote works via Bluetooth so there’s no need to point it in any specific direction.) As you might’ve guessed, the remote serves as a physical interface not only for your TV and entertainment system but also for whatever’s plugged into the lamp control devices—namely lamps.

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Robots are good at a lot of things, but their track record at picking up objects is poor. So just how hard is it to teach one to pick up an object on demand from a table full of clutter?

That’s what a team from Carnegie Mellon University have been trying to find out. Pictured here is Baxter: a modern two-armed industrial robot that usually performs repetitive task in factories. But instead of having it do its usual business, the researchers decided to try and get it to work out how to pick up objects in a more unstructured environment — otherwise known as a table full of junk.

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Philips today announced its first HomeKit-enabled product, debuting the Hue Bridge 2.0, an updated version of its original Hue Bridge. With the Hue Bridge 2.0, its line of Philips Hue lights are able to work with Apple’s home automation platform, allowing all existing and future Hue bulbs to be controlled with Siri voice commands.

Commands like “Turn lights red” can be used for specific colors, while commands like “Set the lamp to 30 percent” can be used for dimming. Lighting scenes that have long been available in the Philips Hue app can now be turned on using Siri. With HomeKit integration, an entire household of lights can be manipulated with a single command.

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