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Samsung announced today that it’s implementing a new update process to better protect its Galaxy devices from security flaws.

The move comes after the discovery of the Android Stagefright security flaw that was said to affect nearly 950 million devices. The vulnerability allowed a hacker to gain access to a person’s phone using a simple MMS message, and required no actions to be taken on the device itself.

In a blog post, the company stated it was “acknowledging the importance of time sensitivity in addressing major vulnerabilities,” but didn’t specify if Stagefright is what prompted the response.

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Recent leaked images of a Lumia 950 XL smartphone prototype point to it as Microsoft’s next flagship running Windows 10 Mobile.

The device, with a 5.7-in. display, will reportedly be announced in September or October alongside the Lumia 950, with a 5.2-in. display.

Both could ship in November and are expected to be high-end phones, although pricing is one of the few details about the devices that hasn’t been leaked.

Many of the specifications have been widely reported and confirmed by analysts who have knowledge of the devices.

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Nokia is looking to return to the limelight after the sale of its mobile division to Microsoft. So far in the field of device development, the company had been dedicated to designing products, such as the N1 tablets, which were manufactured and sold by third parties, but could now be tossing the challenge of returning to manufacture a new product with a big commercial potential.

We are talking about Ozo, a camera especially designed for recording virtual reality content. The device has tiny cameras and a microphone that lets you take 360 degrees videos. It also has eight sensors distributed on the circular surface, with eight separate lenses of a generous size, and as many microphones.

With Ozo, Nokia expects to become the leading device manufacturer in supplying feed content for devices such as Cardboard Google, Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Rift or HTC. Because the Finnish company no longer has their factories, Nokia will manufacture only a small batch of Ozo-s for professional video makers. Cameras are expected to be ready before the end of the year, and are priced around five figures.