IBM provides its supercomputer Watson to use as Siri

IBM provides its supercomputer Watson to use as Siri

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Watson, IBM’s supercomputer, has open access for developing new projects outside those controlled by the company that created it, and there have been various initiatives, which seek to discover the potential of this kind of technology via applications These point to the future of the Internet of Things .

My Surrey is one of the latest examples in this category, where the artificial intelligence Watson is linked via a mobile app, to connect all residents of Canada under the umbrella of Surrey, under the goal of making their community a place where anyone can ask virtually any question about their city to get an accurate answer.

According to an Alphr report, IBM has teamed up with the mobile software firm Purple Forge to connect the Watson technology with the app My Surrey, thereby allowing any citizen to perform complex questions of implementation, Siri style, in order to get intelligent answers about public services offered by the City Council.


Like to know about police, fire and the garbage collection schedules or authorized parking spaces in the city? The capacities of My Surrey thanks to Watson are much larger than any traditional app’s, and this is the key enhancement in the interaction between users and the intelligence of Watson. So it says Bruce Hayne , project manager for PC Authority:

The learning abilities of Watson technology are such that it builds up its own knowledge and improves as citizens use it. It is hoped that this pilot program will improve the user experience by increasing accessibility to services, while providing a glimpse of the city and its opportunities for improvement, and reducing the costs of service delivery.

The application My Surrey, designed for mobile devices supporting iOS, Android and also for Apple Watch has a list of frequently asked questions about the services the city offers, but also allows live questions, creating this dynamic environment, where every question strengthens the intelligence platform .

Watson, without the intervention the app would mean nothing. However, it shows an interesting preview of what can be achieved in the future.


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