KFC chicken served in a bowl that prints photos

KFC chicken served in a bowl that prints photos

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Today is one of those days I wish I’d been born in another country, specifically in Canada. In order to celebrate its 60th anniversary, KFC Canada will be serving its popular fried chicken in a special bucket.

Under the name of “The Memories Buckets” or the bucket of memories, KFC Canada will serve their chicken in this anniversary version that differs from the normal buckets because it also works as a photo printer. Yes, you read this right: this bucket not only contains your favorite fried chicken, but it also includes a small printer at the bottom that will connect to your smartphone or tablet using Bluetooth. As crazy as this sounds, it would not be the first time that  KFC offers technology via KFC meals, as it happened with the keyboard trays in Germany.

According to That’s Nerdalicious, the bucket will be available in limited quantities… and only in Canada. That’s a shame, because we know it is a great idea.


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