LiveText: the new video chat app from Yahoo!

LiveText: the new video chat app from Yahoo!

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Today there is good news for those lonely souls who still remember the good old days of Yahoo! Messenger During an event held in the city of New York, the company unveiled an application for video calls and instant messaging that is named LiveText.

Available at first exclusively on iOS devices, LiveText helps us stay in touch with our friends, but not exactly the same as other services, such as Skype, where we have the choice between a video or just text messaging. In LiveText the video will allow opening talks with our friends, while we leave text messages on the screen, as if it were a stream of Periscope or Meerkat.


For now it is only possible to interact with one person, and no conversation can start until both parties have agreed to talk. One of the particular features of LiveText is establishing that we can only communicate through written messages. Users can only communicate via text, their facial expressions or the surrounding environment elements.

None of the conversations that take place in LiveText will be stored , so, after finishing a conversation, the application returns to start mode and we can select someone from our contacts to begin another conversation.

If you want to try the new application, you can download it for free via this link .


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