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Google updates Hangouts for Android with video messaging

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Google curiously left Android users out in the cold when it rolled out video message attachments on Hangouts for iOS earlier this year. Don’t worry, the wait is almost over: you’ll soon be able to send video messages to friends even if you’re using an Android device.

Hangouts version 11 for Android comes with the feature, which you can access through a video camera icon on the bottom bar. It’s not officially out on Google Play just yet, but there’s an APK you can download right now.

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Twitter has plans to stop counting photos and links within the 140-character limit allowed for each tweet, reports Bloomberg. Removing photos and links from tweets will allow tweets with media to contain more text.

At the current time, photos take up 24 characters and links take up 23 characters, eliminating 47 available characters when both are included in a tweet. Twitter is reportedly introducing the change to give Twitter users “more flexibility” after exploring methods that would allow users to include more text in tweets.

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Apple is still trying to figure out how to improve the usability of iTunes. Today, the company released an update that tweaked the interface a bit, adding a sidebar and media selection tool that make navigating through libraries a bit easier.

That sidebar menu is the biggest and most useful change, bringing back a UI feature from older versions of the app. From there, you can easily edit playlists, drag and drop songs to build playlists and hide or expand parts of the menu.

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If you’re happy to share an Uber in Manhattan, from today you’ll be able to grab a ride for $5, maximum. But—and there had to be a but—you’ll only be able to use the service during commuter hours and you may have to walk a little, too.

Uber claims to have “redesigned” UberPOOl in Manhattan, though with a fair share of caveats. Now, between 7–10am and 5–8pm Monday through Friday, any UberPOOL ride starting and finishing south of 110th Street will be a $5 flat fee.

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Image Credits: cnet.com
Image Credits: cnet.com

Apple Music on Android is pretty much identical to its iOS counterpart, but its latest update adds a unique feature for the platform: a widget. You can now add an Apple Music widget on your home screens if you want quick access to the service.

Like any other standard music widget, it gives you a way to pause, play and skip tracks without having to launch the app itself. There’s a heart that you can tap to let it know that you like what’s playing, but if you need to access other features, you’ll just have to go into the app.
Besides launching the Android widget, Apple Music’s latest update also brings the ability to add songs to custom playlists without adding it to the library.

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Self check-out lines have become a fairly common at grocery stores these days, but Swedish IT specialist Robert Ilijason owns a store that takes the idea to the extreme. At his convenience store in the town of Viken, Sweden, you won’t find a single cashier — or even a cash register for that matter.

The entire store is unmanned, and patrons must use a smartphone or tablet to enter and purchase goods from it.

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An FBI request that Apple develop software to bypass the security barriers of the iPhone 5C belonging to San Bernardino shooter Syed Rizwan Farook has highlighted Apple’s encryption methods — technology that uses 256—bit encryption to keep data private.

Like all computers, your iPhone stores data as 0’s and 1’s. It uses an encryption key — a unique number that is 256 bits long to encrypt all the data on the phone. How long is 256 bits? A bit stores a 0 or 1. One bit has two patterns and two bits have four distinct patterns. The more bits there are, the more possible combinations of 0’s and 1’s.

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Fb sports Stadium

Facebook has updated in a big way, but the new changes are only meant for sports fanatics in the US.

The social network has introduced a dedicated hub called Facebook Sports Stadium and is describing it as a place where you can go to “experience sports in real-time with your friends and the world”. There are more than 650 million sports fans currently using Facebook to “celebrate, commiserate, and talk trash” with other fans, and so it made since for the social network to build a place that’s all about sports.

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While Cyanogen has whipped up a suite of exclusive apps for the commercial version of its mobile operating system, those using the open source CyanogenMod were unfortunately left out.

Now it’s changing that, by offering a “Cyanogen Apps Package” as an optional download that adds its Boxer email app, redesigned AudioFX and more — it doesn’t have every custom tweak but the company says more parts will come along in future updates.

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taxios-appTaxis are about to get a technology makeover.

Flywheel, the Redwood City, Calif., technology company that works with the taxi industry, announced Thursday it will begin piloting in San Francisco an all-in-one GPS-based smartphone taxi meter, which will replace existing technology in participating taxis.

TaxiOS will work on Android phones and replace meters, payment systems, navigation and dispatch technologies with a single app. If that sounds familiar, it’s because on-demand transportation services such as Uber and Lyft currently use similar technologies, which allow customers to track their rides and pay through cashless transactions.

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