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A 7-year-old flaw in Intel chips could enable hijackers to gain total control of business computers and use them for malicious purposes.

The Intel AMT (active management technology) vulnerability is the first of its kind, according to Embedi, which released technical details about it last week.

Attackers could take advantage of the flaw to get full control over business computers, even if they were turned off, provided they were plugged into an outlet, according to the firm, which makes security products for embedded and smart devices.

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Your next running shoes will probably be connected to the internet, IoT-style.

Footwear branding, labeling and RFID solutions firm Avery Dennison Retail Branding and Information Solutions (RBIS) and IoT firm EVRYTHNG announced today they’re teaming up to give more than 10 billion apparel and footwear products a “unique digital identity”.

 Yes, they’re putting IoT chips into shoes. The products should hit the market within the next three years.

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Samsung has announced that it’s bringing its 14nm Exynos chips to cheaper smartphones. These are smaller chips that are both more efficient and more powerful, and given that the company is already putting the technology to use on competitors’ chips (namely, Qualcomm’s), it’s no surprise to see the chip appear in more phones.

Until now, Samsung’s only put the FinFET-made (that’s 3D-structured) 14nm processors in its best — and most expensive — phones. That’s about to change.

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When it’s not churning out smartphones and giant tablets and uh, giant container ships, the company also does healthy business manufacturing microprocessors. It does such a good job, in fact, that chip-making rival Qualcomm will be using Samsung’s foundaries for its next big thing.

The Snapdragon 820 was announced late last year. It’s a chip you’re going to be seeing a lot of in higher-end Android handsets over the next year or two, and it brings some good tricks to the table, notably 40 percent better graphics, a faster integrated modem, and better battery life.

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