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Cortana has been available on Android for a year now (in the US at least), and Microsoft recently made its virtual assistant even more useful by making it accessible on the lock screen.

Today, however, the company takes things a stage further by making it possible to interact with Cortana above the lock.

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Cortana is coming to the Xbox One this summer

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Microsoft announced the first big update to Windows 10 — known as the “anniversary update” — earlier this year.

And now that the Xbox One is technically a Windows 10 machine, it’ll be getting some new features as far of the fun. It’s not near as radical an update as what we saw last year, but a handful of new features will make the console a bit more user-friendly.

The most notable addition here is full Cortana integration.

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Windows-10 2015

With major product announcements and a number of big bets on the future, 2015 is in the running to be one of Microsoft’s most important years on record.

Topping it was the launch of Windows 10. First previewed a year earlier, 2015 was the year we finally got to see the new operating system in full. Microsoft unveiled key features, including its virtual assistant Cortana reaching beyond Windows Phone and onto the desktop, and its new Edge web browser.

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