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A Samsung phone leads in US customer satisfaction survey

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iPhones are everywhere you look in the United States, but American customers are the most satisfied with a phone from Samsung.

The Galaxy Note 5 leads the user satisfaction ranking in the prestigious American Customer Satisfaction Index’s Telecommunication report. Every year, the University of Michigan-affiliated ACSI interviews roughly 80,000 Americans from all walks of life to gauge how happy they are with everything from mobile devices, to their banks or healthcare providers.

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Staples Inc. has announced it has teamed up with Facebook to enable Facebook Messenger functionalities on its mobile website. This simply means that Staples mobile users will now be able to use Messenger for customer service interactions.

Staples mobile customers who are interested in the service can now sign up to chat with sales and customer service specialists for post-sales support and any other form of shopping assistance.  Users will also be able to opt-in to receive personalized updates, like payment, confirmation and shipment notifications.

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Traditionally, research and development is a closely guarded process, with companies doing everything they can to prevent details on possible upcoming products to being leaked to the public or, even worse, other companies. Until now, this has been as true for Sony as any other company, but it looks like that is going to be changing.

Today, Sony announced a new research and development initiative it calls Future Lab, which will see a much more open product development process than has been the case so far. A large part of this new program will be showing products to users while they’re still early on in development and asking them for their feedback in order to improve future revisions.

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As we’ve all seen by now, last week the US Government made an unprecedented request to Apple: help create software to bypass the iPhone’s self-destruct capabilities, thus weakening the security protections its customers (consumers, businesses, and governments) have come to trust and rely on.

The horrible and saddening events surrounding the phone, and the potentially important information the device may contain, undoubtedly weighs on everyone involved in this situation. Law enforcement especially has an incredibly difficult task ahead, and one that only gets more complicated as we settle into the digital age.

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The reversible USB-C cable and charger that OnePlus sells for its OnePlus 2 smartphone is very good at charging that particular phone. But as a Google engineer pointed out, it’s not up to spec for all USB-C devices.

In a statement, OnePlus acknowledged the problem, but restated that its cable works perfectly well with its device:

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A drone hovers about 30 feet above the skier’s head, then quickly swoops down for a tighter angle so its video camera can capture his every move as he carves down a steep powder stash.

It’s not a scene from the latest Warren Miller movie. It’s something the founders of a Silicon Valley production company hope to bring to a ski resort near you — allowing customers to get the ultimate selfie in a “drone zone.”

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According to Tim Joyce, Chief Innovation Officer of Xerox Customer Care, business success stories during the past 100 years were primarily about products. He says that now we’re moving towards a world where success and value propositions will be based on service. Of course we’ll still need products, but he says our purchases will be more about the services wrapped around them. Consumers will be permanently connected to sophisticated help desks that watch and anticipate customer needs.

Joyce believes that technology will make customer’s lives much better—and he doesn’t see technology replacing humans. Much like the people who at IBM run Watson, he believes technology will enhance the customer’s experience. Technology will eventually even prevent customers from having to contact customer care at all. Perhaps our products will talk to us and fix themselves for us.

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Chipotle Mexican Grill CMG – the popular burrito restaurant chain — will be offering a delivery option to over 40 college campuses in the U.S. this fall. The Chipotle delivery option is made possible through a partnership with food delivery app company Tapingo. And Chipotle delivery through Tapingo will be expanding to over 100 college campuses by spring 2016. Tapingo generally charges between $1.99 and $4.99 for delivering food.

“Tapingo, which has been well received by students where its services are available, knows how to connect with these younger customers. That shared acceptance among younger customers made them a great choice for us to expand delivery aimed specifically at students,” said Chipotle’s chief creative and development officer Mark Crumpacker in a statement.

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