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Two leaders in the field of artificial intelligence have announced that they’re open-sourcing their AI platforms.

After investing in building rich simulated environments to serve as laboratories for AI research, Google’s DeepMind Lab on Saturday said it would open the platform for the broader research community’s use.

DeepMind has been using its AI lab for some time, and it has “only barely scratched the surface of what is possible” in it, noted team members Charlie Beattie, Joel Leibo, Stig Petersen and Shane Legg in an online post.

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As we are sure most of you already heard, Apple finally brought an arguably overdue refresh to its Mac Pro laptop lineup on Thursday. It consists of a trio of new laptops, two in the 13-inch and on in the 15-inch form factor.

All of them are more powerful and significantly thinner than their predecessors, have better screens, improved touchpads and lets call it a “different” approach to the keyboard and I/O, now entirely made of Type-C ports

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Apple's iOS 10 Goes to Eleven

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Apple on Monday kicked off its Worldwide Developers Conference with the biggest-ever release of its iOS mobile operating system.

CEO Tim Cook called iOS 10, coming this fall, “gigantic” and “the mother of all releases.”

Among the new offerings in the upcoming version of iOS are more features in Messaging, all new designs for News, Music and Photos, and increased opportunities for developers to integrate their apps with Siri, Maps and Messages.

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SAN FRANCISCO — Twitter’s relationship with developers has been complicated, confusing and a little bit unpredictable, and CEO Jack Dorsey wants a fresh start.

“We want to reset our relationship and we want to make sure that we’re learning, that we’re listening and that we are rebooting, and that’s what today represents,” Dorsey said Wednesday during a keynote speech at the tech firm’s second annual developer conference.

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The Raspberry Pi Foundation on Tuesday announced the availability of a touchscreen that brings the low-cost tiny computer one-step closer to becoming a standalone mobile device. The touchscreen was in development for nearly two years.

The first round of screens will require some assembly of parts that arrive in a small kit, noted Gordon Hollingworth, director of software at Raspberry Pi. For those who can tolerate the wait, shipments of assembled screens will come later.

Although Hollingworth pegged the display’s price at US$60, the Raspberry Pi Authentic Swag store was offering it for Pounds 48, or about US$74, as of Thursday.

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Last week, we released Windows 10 as a free upgrade in over 190 markets, taking the first big step toward upgrading 1 billion devices to Windows 10 and the Universal Windows Platform (UWP). Alongside Windows, we also delivered the Windows SDK and accompanying tools that you’ll use to build and submit Universal Windows apps.

Windows 10 introduced new APIs and built a platform that does much of the work to make apps more personal through adaptive UX, natural user inputs and cloud-based services. We also introduced a series of “bridging” technologies to enable developers to bring their existing iOS, Android, Web and desktop code and skillsets to the Windows Store, for which I’ll provide an update here.

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