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Facebook Messenger is constantly adding more features that help friends and family communicate with ease. Now, the popular messaging app is getting a new update that brings two much-requested features to the app: message reactions and mentions.

Both features are pretty self explanatory, but here’s what you need to know. With message reactions, users can now react to an individual message in Messenger, just like how you’d normally use Reactions on Facebook.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 What's the story so far

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 was a fantastic phone, until the battery issues destroyed its reputation and left it with a legacy of being the only phone to be singled out before boarding a flight.

We expected the Note family to die with the Note 7, but there’s murmurs that it lives on, reborn like a phoenix from the ashes of its forebear. Here is everything we know so far about the Note 8, based on the rumours.

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Why it might be a wise idea to delay buying a Galaxy S7 Edge right now

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By now, you’ve all heard about the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 recall – due to some as-yet-undetermined battery manufacturing problems, a few Note 7’s have been spontaneously combusting. Samsung has issued a global recall amidst complaints about their handling of the issue from Consumer Reports. But there’s an interesting side point to note here, one that means you also shouldn’t buy a Galaxy S7 Edge right now. Let me explain.

Personally, I think Samsung’s response has been great: rather than risk any more injury or property damage, the company is recalling over two million devices globally to protect consumers (as well as themselves).

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Want to make an app but don’t know where to start

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So you have a puzzle game or productivity app rattling around in the back of your head. You know there’s an audience for it, you know users would love it… heck, you even think you could make some cash if you monetize it right.

There’s just one problem.

You have no clue how to develop an Android app.

It’s a daunting position, especially if you’re someone with zero coding experience. All the hot ideas in the world don’t amount to zilch unless you can actually bring them into reality, but learning how to code is often expensive and time consuming.

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Which country has the fastest mobile networkOpenSignal is back with another in depth report into the state of national mobile networks. However, unlike last year’s look at 4G LTE data, this latest report examines 3G/4G speeds and coverage together. This gives us a much better look at how countries across the globe compare when it comes to the typical consumer experience and which offer the fastest mobile networks.

The global data set was collected from 822,556 users around the world who use OpenSignal’s mobile software. Interestingly, the data also gives us a look at how much time consumers spend on their WiFi networks, which are often faster than the speeds they can achieve from 4G LTE networks.

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opera new

When you first turn on a new PC or laptop, you’ll find that your only route to the internet is via Internet Explorer or, if you’ve just bought a machine running Windows 10, Microsoft’s new Edge web browser.

Opera has just announced a new version of its browser for Windows and MacOS which includes a new low-power mode that’s said to improve battery life by 50 percent. It follows the introduction of an in-built advert blocker and completely free VPN service within the browser that offers unlimited use and supposedly decent speeds.

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T-Mobile has started rolling out a new update for the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge units it’s sold. This new release brings with it support for FM radio playback, as well as some bug fixes and performance improvements. Perhaps the most important of those have to do with the functionality of the power and volume keys – bugs in this area should have been eradicated.

The new software also incorporates the May security patches, so it will make your device more secure too.

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The Microsoft Lumia 650 is a budget smartphone which offers a removable battery and only weighs in at 122g making it a lightweight smartphone. The Windows 10 Mobile phone houses a sluggish Snapdragon 212 chipset and 1GB RAM – coupled with an Adreno 304 GPU chipset, the phone is clearly not intended for intensive multi-tasking apps or any sort of mobile games.

There’s a lot of competition out in the market already, such as the Moto G 4G 2015, Xiaomi Redmi 3, Cubot P12, Motorola Moto E 4G, Bluboo X9 and our current favourite, the Vodafone Smart Ultra 6.

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Despite giving us some of the nicest high-end smartphones, HTC’s sales have dropped sharply in the past couple of years. Today, the once-successful company is nothing but a shadow of its former self, posting revenue so low that it makes you wonder how much longer it can keep the lights on. Meanwhile, long time rivals like Apple and Samsung are watching their flagships fly off the shelves.

HTC has clearly made some mistakes, but its latest flagship is proof that things are taking a turn for the better. HTC 10 offers pretty much everything that you could want in a premium smartphone: high-quality build, top level hardware, cutting-edge features, the latest software and a competitive price.

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After wearing 18 different smartwatches over the past three years, we think the 2015 Moto 360 is the most useful and attractive smartwatch you can pair with an Android phone. It complements more wrist sizes and dress styles than any other smartwatch; its battery lasts for a full, active day, even with the time always showing; it is swift to respond to touches and voice commands; and it tracks your walking and other light exercise better than other smartwatches.

After testing two new smartwatches, the 2015 Moto 360 remains our top pick, and we’ve updated this guide with details on our newest picks, as well as added some more dismissals. We’ve also included information about the Pebble’s improved messaging capabilities.

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