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Microsoft brought open source Linux to closed walls of Windows 10 with the help of WSL, i.e., Windows Subsystem for Linux. This achievement was made possible by partnering with Canonical. As a result, the developers and regular users were able to run Bash on Ubuntu on Windows 10 natively.

Now, at Build 2017, Microsoft has revealed its plans to collaborate with Fedora and SUSE to bring their Linux distributions to WSL.

Just like I earlier reported the arrival of Ubuntu on Windows Store, Fedora and openSUSE will make an appearance in Windows Store pretty soon. This new expansion will allow interested developers to download and install Linux tools quickly on their Windows 10 system.

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Back in December, 2016, Linux boss Linus Torvalds rolled out Linux kernel 4.9. Thanks to tons of code due to Project Ara’s ‘greybus’ and AMD GPU register definition files, it was the biggest ever kernel release in terms of commits. The release also opened the Linux kernel 4.10 merge window. Kernel 4.10 is expected to be released this weekend–most probably on February 19.

Having said that, I know you’re pretty excited about this release and you might be wondering about the new and best features coming to Linux kernel 4.10. So, here they are:

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Google Is Bringing Artificial Intelligence To Raspberry Pi Computers

Raspberry Pi boards have earned the honor of being one of most impressive success stories of recent times. Having sold 10 million single board computers, Raspberry Pi has established itself as the most successful British computer. So, what’s next for them?

According to a blog post on the Raspberry Pi website, Google is working to bring a wide range of tools for artificial intelligence, machine learning, and other developer tools to the Pi.

“Google is going to arrive in style in 2017. The tech titan has exciting plans for the maker community,” the website says. The company intends to make the start by releasing the first set of tools this year. With these tools, the users will be able to create powerful projects.

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C is a general-purpose programming language that was developed by Dennis M. Ritchie in 1972 at the Bell Telephone Laboratories. It was then used to develop the Unix. Since then, it has laid the foundation of many other operating systems and popular computer programs.

If we take a look at its popularity, it keeps sharing the top spot with Java. TIOBE Index is a respectable measure of the popularity of programming languages. Ever since its inception in 2001, TIOBE Index has repeatedly featured C.

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George R.R. Martin’s Game of Thrones (the complete series titled A Song of Ice and Fire) is one of the most popular television shows to have aired in the last decade, and it’s no wonder, it has all the makings of an excellent drama, love, war, betrayal, and vengeance (full disclosure, I haven’t read the books, but I have enjoyed the show).

Although, when you examine things a little more thoroughly, you notice that the notions are not so fantastical at all and the themes are all too familiar.

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10 Most Dangerous Linux Commands You Should Never RunThere are many commands that can irreversibly damage your system. Some are less cryptic than others, some look like plain gibberish. Here is a list of dangerous commands on Linux, some permanent and some that can be recovered from.

This command has gained a lot of notoriety, and is particularly dangerous. Thankfully, many UNIX systems have placed a safeguard into the rm command to ensure that it doesn’t happen accidentally or unintentionally.

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What Is Windows 10 Developer Mode How To Activate It

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Microsoft’s Windows 10 has finally completed 1 year. This milestone also marks the end of free Windows 10 offer for Windows 7 and 8.1 users. That’s not all. Microsoft is also rolling out Windows 10 Anniversary Update this week.

This Windows 10 “Anniversary Edition” is bringing tons of nice refinements to the operating system. Some of the biggest changes coming to Windows 10 include improvements in Cortana, browser extensions in Microsoft Edge, better Windows Hello integration, Windows Ink, Dark theme and UI fixes etc.

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SGX For Linux — Intel Open Sources A Tool To Protect Your Code And Data

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Intel’s SGX technology gives the programmers the power to protect their code and lock the data inside CPU-enforced containers. This allows one to preserve the confidentiality of sensitive information and equips the software makers to deliver applications and updates more safely.

Interestingly, when SGX is running on a machine, code and data are put behind such curtains that can’t be accessed by processors with root permissions.

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For the first time ever, the worldwide desktop Linux market share has crossed the 2 percent mark. These statistics are based upon the data recorded by the website Netmarketshare.

The data analytics company tracks Android and Linux separately. Even though Android is based on the Linux kernel, recording it separately makes sense.

The recorded data by Netmarketshare is wide open to our interpretation, as the data analytics firm uses its list of over 40,000 websites to track the users. It’s often debated if the 40,000 number is high enough to get an accurate idea.

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If you think that Microsoft’s love for Linux and open source is selfless, think once more. This self-pronounced love for Linux is helping Redmond earn big bucks in the field of cloud computing.

Recently, Microsoft brought support for Linux-based Docker containers on Windows 10. At DockerCon 2016, Microsoft Azure CTO Mark Russinovich told more about its ongoing adoption of open source technologies and Microsoft’s future plans.

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