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It’s not often a phone is revealed in a green color finish. Or “greenery” to give it full credit. Which, as it so happens, is Pantone’s color of the year 2017. It’s also Huawei’s oh-so-on-trend color for its brand new P10 smartphone.

Yes, ok, so you’re staring at blue version of the device for this review (technically “dazzling blue” in Huawei speak) – but this one is actually the best-looking color of the lot (mystic silver, graphite black and dazzling gold will also join the UK line-up).

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In response to a series of CIA documents leaked this morning that outline exploits the government used to gain access to Macs and iOS devices, Apple gave a statement to TechCrunch claiming that the documents are old and that the vulnerabilities outlined in the leak have long since been patched.

Apple says the iPhone vulnerability only affected the iPhone 3G and was fixed in 2009, while all Mac vulnerabilities were fixed in Macs launched after 2013.

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Dozens of iOS Apps Vulnerable to WiFi Snooping

Dozens of applications for Apple’s mobile devices are vulnerable to WiFi snoopers, a security researcher reported this week.

Will Strafach, CEO of the Sudo Security Group, identified 76 popular iOS apps available at Apple’s App Store that were vulnerable to wireless eavesdroppers, even though the connections were supposed to be protected by encryption.

There have been 18 million downloads of the vulnerable apps, he said.

Strafach categorized 33 of the vulnerable apps as “low risk.” Potentially intercepted information included partially sensitive analytics data about a device and partially sensitive personal data, such as an email address or login credentials.

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Google is putting legacy Drive apps out to pasture

Google will completely shut down the older versions of Drive, Docs, Sheets and Slides for both Android and iOS on April 3rd. People don’t even have that long until they can no longer use them, though: starting on March 1st, users will get prompts forcing them to upgrade if they want to continue using the applications.

Since the big G is phasing out really old iterations of the apps, those who’ve updated recently don’t have anything to worry about.

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Audiophiles who want to listen to the highest quality audio streaming from Apple Music and iTunes Radio from the Music app when on the go can enable an optional high quality streaming option in iOS Music settings.

While this improves the sound quality and bitrate of the songs you listen to over cellular connections, the obvious downside is that Music streaming will use more cellular data, so this is a feature perhaps best limited to iPhone users with unlimited data plans, or those who don’t care about their cellular phone bill for whatever reason.

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Did you know you can handwrite messages and notes in Messages for iOS 10 on your iPhone? With this feature you can scribble out a little note or sketch a simple drawing and send it along to any recipient.

Unlike some of the more obvious new Messages features in the latest versions of iOS that have buttons and toggles immediately visible in the Messages app, the handwriting ability is a little hidden.

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A new version of Skype has been made available for iOS through the iTunes App Store. Skype 6.25 for Apple’s mobile operating system brings with it support for some new features and APIs found in iOS 10.

First off, there’s Siri. If your iDevice runs the latest iOS version, you can tell Siri to call someone through Skype. The only requirement is for that person to be among your Skype contacts. Siri may ask you to confirm she has the right person, and that’s it – your call will begin.

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Have you noticed taking a screenshot is harder in iOS 10 and with iPhone 7? Maybe you tried to take a screen shot in iOS 10 only to discover that you either locked the device, sent it to the Home Screen, or summoned Siri instead? This is a fairly common occurrence when taking a screenshot with an iOS 10 device, whether it’s an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, and has led some users to think that the mechanism for how to take a screenshot with iOS 10 was changed.

Well, screenshots have not changed, but the sensitivity seems to be slightly different which requires a minor adjustment for some users to successfully capture screenshots in iOS 10.

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Want to revert from iOS 10 and downgrade back to iOS 9? You can downgrade an iPhone or iPad and revert back to iOS 9.3.5 from iOS 10, but you’ll need to move fairly quickly. This tutorial will walk through the process of downgrading so that if you’re unsatisfied with iOS 10 for whatever reason, perhaps there’s some compatibility issue, or you think it is too slowand don’t want to wait for indexing to finish, then you can go back to the prior iOS 9 system software.

First a quick note; this is a time sensitive procedure because Apple must be digitally signing the iOS system software versions in order for the downgrade process to work.

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