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The much-rumoured 10.5-inch iPad Pro may be unveiled in June if a leaked stock system document showing upcoming cases for it is to be believed.

The leaked stock report is allegedly from an Apple Authorised Reseller, and subsequently shared with 9to5Mac, and shows an Under Armour Gear Metropolis Folio case for an “iPad 10.5”. The UAG case is noted as being new for June 2017, which would tie in with Apple’s WWDC 2017 conference.

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Apple has quietly released a new iPad on its online store. Simply called iPad, the new model replaces the iPad Air 2 as Apple’s standard tablet offering, sitting above the iPad Mini 4 and below the two iPad Pro models.

But while Apple may not be officially selling the iPad Air 2 through its online store, you can still pick it up at other retailers, so it remains a relevant product.

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Razer's new keyboard for the iPad Pro packs mechanical switches built for PC gamers

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Razer said that its freshly-baked Ultra-Low-Profile Mechanical switches are used in the new Razer Mechanical Keyboard Case for the iPad Pro, which is available today worldwide for $170.

This keyboard connects to Apple’s tablet by way of Bluetooth, and features a metal, multi-angle kickstand, creating a makeshift 2-in-1 device with a protective cover for working on the go.

The big deal here is of course Razer’s new switch, which is billed as the “world’s first mechanical switch for a mobile device.”

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DisplayMate has performed in-depth testing of the new 9.7-inch iPad Pro, and determined that its IPS LCD display is a “truly impressive top performing display” and a “major upgrade” over the iPad Air 2.

While both tablets have similar tech specs, including matching 4:3 aspect ratios, 2,048×1536 pixel resolutions, and 264 PPI, Apple has made several underlying improvements to the 9.7-inch iPad Pro that qualified it as DisplayMate’s “best performing mobile LCD display” it has ever tested.

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I spent over a week using the new Apple iPad Pro and want to share my experience, one that interestingly enough, changed my opinion on the device from launch day until now. With the iPad Pro, you really have to use it to truly experience it and understand it, but I’m hoping I can channel my time on it with you so you don’t have to. I will also provide my expectations on where I think the iPad Pro plays best today and could tomorrow in the marketplace.

My bottom line is that I feel the iPad Pro wasn’t designed as a PC or Mac replacement, but rather a more powerful extension of the utility of today’s iPad, which enables me to do more with than I ever could before. I came in with the expectation of determining if the iPad Pro could replace my PC or Mac, but left thinking it was in its own category.

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