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Microsoft brought open source Linux to closed walls of Windows 10 with the help of WSL, i.e., Windows Subsystem for Linux. This achievement was made possible by partnering with Canonical. As a result, the developers and regular users were able to run Bash on Ubuntu on Windows 10 natively.

Now, at Build 2017, Microsoft has revealed its plans to collaborate with Fedora and SUSE to bring their Linux distributions to WSL.

Just like I earlier reported the arrival of Ubuntu on Windows Store, Fedora and openSUSE will make an appearance in Windows Store pretty soon. This new expansion will allow interested developers to download and install Linux tools quickly on their Windows 10 system.

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A new strain of malware targeting Linux systems, dubbed “Linux/Shishiga,” could morph into a dangerous security threat.

Eset on Tuesday disclosed the threat, which represents a new Lua family unrelated to previously seen LuaBot malware.

Linux/Shishiga uses four different protocols — SSH, Telnet, HTTP and BitTorrent — and Lua scripts for modularity, wrote Detection Engineer Michal Malik and the Eset research team in an online post.

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Back in December, 2016, Linux boss Linus Torvalds rolled out Linux kernel 4.9. Thanks to tons of code due to Project Ara’s ‘greybus’ and AMD GPU register definition files, it was the biggest ever kernel release in terms of commits. The release also opened the Linux kernel 4.10 merge window. Kernel 4.10 is expected to be released this weekend–most probably on February 19.

Having said that, I know you’re pretty excited about this release and you might be wondering about the new and best features coming to Linux kernel 4.10. So, here they are:

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Wine is well known to Linux and Mac users for opening up the possibility of running Windows software on their preferred operating system. The self-referentially-named software (Wine Is Not an Emulator) is due for a new release in the next few weeks, but the hoped-for Windows-on-Android support is not yet there.

That said, it is in the pipeline. Wine developers are working on integrating the existing CrossOver Android software into the open source Windows API. This will allow for Windows software to run in Android, but it won’t make it into the up-coming Wine 2.0, and there are limitations.

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While not quite at the level of a parting of the waters, the news that Microsoft has joined The Linux Foundation may seem miraculous to those aware of the past enmity between the company and the open source community.

Microsoft has joined The Linux Foundation as a platinum member, it announced Wednesday at its Microsoft Connect conference in New York.

Google has joined the .Net foundation, Scott Guthrie, executive vice president of Microsoft Cloud and Enterprise, also told attendees. Further, Microsoft and Samsung Electronics have joined forces to allow .NET developers build apps for millions of Samsung devices.

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25 Years of Linux What a Long, Strange Trip It's Been

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Happy Birthday Linux! You’re 25!

When Linux was born on Aug. 25, 1991, it was little more than a hobby for then 21-year old Linus Torvald. Today the Linux community is estimated to be upwards of 86 million users strong. It has become the backbone of large enterprises, and it is installed in government systems and embedded in devices worldwide.

The Linux operating system started out as an alternative to other platform architectures in use on mainframes and enterprise back-ends. It has grown into a major mainstream computing platform for small through large companies’ server operations, and has made inroads into consumer computing.

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Samsung Z2 is the world's first 4G Tizen smartphone

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Android and iOS are the only two mobile operating systems that matter. That’s a problem for consumers. Why? Well, while duopolies at least give them some choice, being limited to just two options isn’t ideal. Sure, there are other options like Ubuntu for phones and Windows 10 Mobile, but neither are lighting the world on fire.

Consumers aside, phone manufacturers don’t have access to Apple’s iOS, leaving Android as the only viable option. In other words, for OEMs, there is almost no choice. Samsung is apparently not satisfied with being limited to Google’s mobile operating system.

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10 Most Dangerous Linux Commands You Should Never RunThere are many commands that can irreversibly damage your system. Some are less cryptic than others, some look like plain gibberish. Here is a list of dangerous commands on Linux, some permanent and some that can be recovered from.

This command has gained a lot of notoriety, and is particularly dangerous. Thankfully, many UNIX systems have placed a safeguard into the rm command to ensure that it doesn’t happen accidentally or unintentionally.

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Will Linux support Microsoft’s Surface 3 tablet in the upcoming version 4.8 release

A driver for the Surface 3 touchscreen controller is expected to be made available in the final release of the 4.8 Linux kernel, allowing users to remove Windows 10 and install a Linux-based platform like Ubuntu on Microsoft’s 10.8-inch tablet. The news arrives by way of Dmitry Torokhov who wrote to Linux creator Linus Torvalds that the driver for the Surface 3 was now ready to be merged into the Linux kernel as promised.

Linus Torvalds announced on Sunday that the merge window for the Linux kernel 4.8 release candidate had finally closed.

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SGX For Linux — Intel Open Sources A Tool To Protect Your Code And Data

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Intel’s SGX technology gives the programmers the power to protect their code and lock the data inside CPU-enforced containers. This allows one to preserve the confidentiality of sensitive information and equips the software makers to deliver applications and updates more safely.

Interestingly, when SGX is running on a machine, code and data are put behind such curtains that can’t be accessed by processors with root permissions.

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