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Despite their popularity, both Firefox and Chrome have reputations as resource hogs that chew up big chunks of your RAM. In the case of Firefox, some of this is unfair — parent Mozilla says part of the problem is that many users are running older machines without a lot of memory in the first place. To help those folks, the developers are working on a new feature called “performance” that will let you fine-tune the browser if you’re running a PC that’s less than state-of-the-art.

Firefox plays better than most browsers with third-party add-ons, but as the developers have pointed out before, some of those can slow your machine significantly.

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Think your solid state drive is fast It has nothing on MRAM

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Experts have been saying DRAM is on its last legs for some time. Looking at the recent exploits of IBM Research and Samsung we could start seeing its replacement soon. Last week, the two companies published a paper detailing the next generation of MRAM meant to replace today’s common NAND-based memory.

MRAM is short for Magnetoresistive Random Access Memory. It’s a semiconductor type of memory that stores data using magnetic spinning.

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Samsung's world-first UFS memory cards are blazing fast

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We’ve heard arguments for and against removable storage on smartphones, but we can all agree on the fact that the more the merrier. And we’re not just talking about memory space here, as the speed becomes more crucial when it comes to capturing higher video resolutions on our smartphones and drones.

To satisfy our need for speed, Samsung is the first to announce a series of UFS (Universal Flash Storage) removable memory cards, with its 256GB flavor boasting an SSD-like sequential read speed of 530MB/s — that’s about half a gigabyte per second and almost five times faster than the top microSD cards these days.

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Overclocker smashes RAM speed record, hits 5GHz with G.Skill memory and MSI motherboard

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G.Skill and MSI are currently boasting that the 5GHz DDR4 memory clock speed is no longer an unbreakable barrier, as Taiwanese overclocking expert Toppc managed to smash through the limit by using MSI’s Z170I Gaming Pro AC motherboard and a Trident Z Series DDR4 memory chip supplied by G.Skill.

Thanks to this combination, Toppc not only achieved the world’s first DDR4-5000 record, but the highest clock speed for memory ever thus far.

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Toshiba OCZ Launches New Series Of Affordable, High-Performance NVMe Solid State Drives

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Upgrading from a traditional hard drive, with magnetic spinning platters, to a solid state drive remains one of the most effective upgrades for virtually every type of PC. Solid State Drives, or SSDs, have no moving parts, which make them more durable, but they also access and transfer data far faster than any hard drive, which will speed up file copies and make a system feel more responsive overall. SSDs are also more power efficient, which could help extend battery life in mobile PCs.

Not all SSDs are created equal, however.

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The shape’s not new to HP; the company already sells a 34-inch display that looks basically identical. The resolution isn’t as eye-popping as, say, a 5K iMac, but a 5K iMac doesn’t curve, or cover nearly three feet of ground, diagonally.

Now, though, HP has stuffed a computer inside that display, in a glorious act of why not? Inside, you’ll find substantial enough guts: The $1,799 base model comes with the latest Core i5 processor and 8GB of memory, and you can upgrade to as much as 2TB of storage, 16GB RAM, and a discrete Nvidia GTX 960A graphics card.

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