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The world is a smaller place because we have so many ways to connect and communicate, but it has created a generation gap, a gap of classes and perhaps even a culture gap.

This may seem like a serious contradiction; after all shouldn’t more means of communication bring us closer together?

The obvious answer is yes, but unfortunately this is not the case — in part because so many technology start-ups have tried to create the next way to connect with friends, colleagues and acquaintances.

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Dozens of iOS Apps Vulnerable to WiFi Snooping

Dozens of applications for Apple’s mobile devices are vulnerable to WiFi snoopers, a security researcher reported this week.

Will Strafach, CEO of the Sudo Security Group, identified 76 popular iOS apps available at Apple’s App Store that were vulnerable to wireless eavesdroppers, even though the connections were supposed to be protected by encryption.

There have been 18 million downloads of the vulnerable apps, he said.

Strafach categorized 33 of the vulnerable apps as “low risk.” Potentially intercepted information included partially sensitive analytics data about a device and partially sensitive personal data, such as an email address or login credentials.

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YouTube tests messaging feature to keep people in its app

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YouTube is testing a messaging feature in its smartphone app so people can share and discuss videos without resorting to other ways to connect with their friends and family.

The messaging option announced Friday initially is only being offered to a small group of people with YouTube’s app installed on an iPhone or device running on Google’s Android software. If all goes well, messaging will be included in a future app update available to everyone with an iPhone or an Android phone.

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It has taken a while, but small businesses are finally realizing the potential of mobile apps to gain more customers and increase sales.

According to a new survey by B2B research company Clutch, nearly 50 percent of small businesses will have mobile app by 2017. That’s impressive considering only 20 percent of small businesses have mobile apps today.

“Three years ago, a small business might see 10 percent of its total traffic coming from mobile, but right now it’s closer to 70 percent.

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ProtonMail Launches Encrypted Email for iOS, Android

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ProtonMail, which offers encrypted email, on Thursday launched free iOS and Android mobile apps worldwide, through the iTunes App Store and Google Play, respectively.

They have been in beta since August, company CEO Andy Yen said.

The email service features end-to-end encryption; emails stored on ProtonMail’s servers also are encrypted and thus can’t be accessed.

“Not even ProtonMail has the ability to read the emails of our users, and thus it’s technically impossible for us to hand over user messages to third parties,” Yen told TechNewsWorld.

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Google may be simplifying the way Android users install apps on their devices. Some users have reportedly been able to install new apps directly from Google search results on their smartphones and tablets.

Typically a user is redirected from the Google Search app to the Google Play store when they are searching for new apps using the search engine. However, after a recent update to the app, an install button appears along with user ratings and information about the app that allows apps to be installed directly from search.

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Microsoft last week rolled out versions of Skype 6.0 for iOS and Android. The company redesigned the applications to be more natural and intuitive, and it added new features.

Skype 6.0 for Android now has a floating action button, which makes it easy to start a new conversation. Its navigation is more streamlined, too. It’s compatible with Android 4.0.3 or later.for Android

The new version for iOS incorporates swipe gestures and makes it easier to share photos, Web links, emoticons and users’ locations while on a voice or video call, as well as to start a group chat or a group voice call on the iPad. It runs on iOS 7 or later.

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