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Which country has the fastest mobile networkOpenSignal is back with another in depth report into the state of national mobile networks. However, unlike last year’s look at 4G LTE data, this latest report examines 3G/4G speeds and coverage together. This gives us a much better look at how countries across the globe compare when it comes to the typical consumer experience and which offer the fastest mobile networks.

The global data set was collected from 822,556 users around the world who use OpenSignal’s mobile software. Interestingly, the data also gives us a look at how much time consumers spend on their WiFi networks, which are often faster than the speeds they can achieve from 4G LTE networks.

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Lookout uses network layer security to expand mobile protection

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The shift towards a mobile and cloud focused workplace has brought a great deal of flexibility but it’s also added new risks. How do you protect data when employees can access it at any time and from any device?

Lookout, a specialist in securing mobility, has expanded expanded Mobile Threat Protection with the introduction of Network Protection, an automatic on-device analysis of network connections to defend against man-in-the-middle attacks and ensure information is being securely transmitted.

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LAS VEGAS, United States – Hackers’ arsenal on Sunday was beefed up with a drone armed with weapons to crack into wireless computer networks at close range, whether they be in skyscrapers or walled compounds.

David Jordan of US-based Aerial Assault was at an infamous Def Con hacker gathering showing off a drone that could be dispatched on missions to land atop buildings or hover outside walls and probe for cracks in computer networks.

“There has never been this capability before,” Jordan said as he showed the drone to AFP.

The drone was equipped with software tools used to perform the kind of “penetration testing” done by hackers or computer security professionals who seek vulnerabilities in computer networks.

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