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Do you remember what you were doing on Twitter in 2010? Twitter accounts have been compromised by a range of security issues lately — and in at least one case the vulnerability is tied to a decision users made years ago. It might be time to double check how secure your account really is.

Early Thursday morning, the official Twitter account for McDonald’s pinned a tweet directed at President Trump.

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As we’ve all seen by now, last week the US Government made an unprecedented request to Apple: help create software to bypass the iPhone’s self-destruct capabilities, thus weakening the security protections its customers (consumers, businesses, and governments) have come to trust and rely on.

The horrible and saddening events surrounding the phone, and the potentially important information the device may contain, undoubtedly weighs on everyone involved in this situation. Law enforcement especially has an incredibly difficult task ahead, and one that only gets more complicated as we settle into the digital age.

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