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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 What's the story so far

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 was a fantastic phone, until the battery issues destroyed its reputation and left it with a legacy of being the only phone to be singled out before boarding a flight.

We expected the Note family to die with the Note 7, but there’s murmurs that it lives on, reborn like a phoenix from the ashes of its forebear. Here is everything we know so far about the Note 8, based on the rumours.

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Apple hints at OS X rebrand in the App Store

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If you think about it, OS X isn’t really a great name for Apple’s Mac operating system. It was just meant to be the next OS after Mac OS 9, but because it has a nice round (roman) number and used all-new UNIX-based tech, Apple has stuck with the name for nigh on 17 years.

According to the rumor mill and apparent slip-up on the App Store, that’s about to change, however. It now seems likely that Apple will change OS X to macOS, essentially reverting to its pre-1999 naming scheme.

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Huawei Mate 9 could have a 20MP dual camera and blow P9 out of the water

We’ve only recently seen a couple of flagship Huawei phones launched, the Huawei P9 and P9 Plus, but there is talk of another device coming from the Chinese company that could overshadow them – at least where the camera is concerned.

The Huawei Mate 9 could come with 20-megapixel dual camera tech, says industry analyst Pan Jiutang. That would suggest its sensors would be far better than those in the P9, which features 12-megapixel dual cameras.

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Think of all the hardware Microsoft makes that’s not a peripheral. What you’re thinking is probably getting some kind of update on Today. That includes the wonderful Surface Pro laptop/tablet, but also the Microsoft Band and two new Lumias (finally). And maybe even a surprise or two, just to keep us guessing.

So, let’s see exactly what tech goodies we can most likely expect today.

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