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OnePlus’ CEO Pete Lau has posted a picture on his Chinese Weibo account that confirms a new OnePlus smartphone is on the way. The image shows cartoon workers putting together a phone, and it’s accompanied by OnePlus’ usual hashtag of Never Settle.

What the official teaser doesn’t give away is the name of the phone. Logic would suggest it will be called the OnePlus 4, following the OnePlus 3T released in 2016. However the number 4 is considered unlucky in China, so it’s thought the next phone will go straight to OnePlus 5.

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If you have heard of Micromax’s subsidiary “YU”, it is most likely because of its line of affordable models, which have been doing fairly well in India. Now it appears the OEM is planning to finally launch its first proper flagship device. But YU has also dared to venture one step beyond with a lofty statement that Yutopia will be nothing short of “the most powerful smartphone ever”.

Now that is a big check to cash and, as always, the key might be in the details, as the whole statement reads: “to manufacture the world’s most powerful smartphone in India”. Even with this clarification, we remain skeptical as to whether YU’s ‘Project Achilles’ can actually pull this off. We’ll certainly love to be proven wrong, of course.

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