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Short Bytes: Technology giant Google has released a new open source website to showcase its open source projects. It’ll contain Google’s software, the supported organizations, a list of open source projects. The company has also released its internal documentation on how it “does” open source. Google has also promised to add more projects to the website in the near future.

The usage of free and open source software by technology giants is becoming more and more common with each passing day.

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Samsung traditionally announces its annual flagship smartphone at Mobile World Congress in February each year but, thanks to the Note 7, it changed the schedule this year.

It is holding its Galaxy Unpacked show as a one-off instead, where it is expected to announced the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus handsets. And it’s almost upon us.

So here’s everything you need to know about Samsung’s event.

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Cortana has been available on Android for a year now (in the US at least), and Microsoft recently made its virtual assistant even more useful by making it accessible on the lock screen.

Today, however, the company takes things a stage further by making it possible to interact with Cortana above the lock.

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Based on supply chain analysis following a trip to Asia, Susquehanna Financial Group analyst Christopher Rolland (via Barron’s) believes Apple’s third-generation Apple Watch may introduce cellular connectivity, a feature that’s been long rumored for the device.

Specifically, Rolland suggests the 2017 Apple Watch will include a SIM card for LTE connectivity and that the next-generation device will be promoted alongside the AirPods.

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Google scrapped plans for own Oculus Rift VR headset

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Google reportedly had plans to take on Oculus, HTC and PlayStation with its own high-end virtual reality headset. However, it was scrapped with the company said to prefer to continue down the mobile VR route instead.

Recode claims that Google is streamlining its projects, which include ditching the more ambitious plans for VR. It cites “sources familiar with the plans” for the information.

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New Asus phone spotted on GFXBench

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We should give Asus credit for the excellent work it has been doing with its recent device lineup. Zenfones tend to offer excellent value these days, but the real problem is actually finding the model you like and picking it up.

Sifting trough the lineup is a somewhat fruitless endeavor, despite the fact that Asus has assured us that you just have to know the seven or so last symbols of the model number and everything becomes clear as day. But, we digress.

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Motorola Moto G4 review Budget phone king goes large, remains in charge

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Looking for a big yet affordable phone? That’s Motorola’s play with the fourth-gen Moto G – aptly titled the G4, finally putting to bed the confusingly same-name previous three generations – which dons a 5.5-inch screen and, therefore, an inevitably large body. It cuts a whole new jib, starting the G-series anew.

Affordable is the key word, too. With a starting price of £169 for the 16GB model the Moto G4 is only incrementally more expensive than its predecessors, while sitting below many competitors’ sub-£200 price points.

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